Should You Buy or Lease? Discover the Benefits of Leasing a New Subaru in Fullerton, CA

The moment you've found the perfect vehicle is special. Less special is figuring out how to pay for it. Fortunately for Fullerton drivers, you're not on your own in the financing process, because the knowledgeable finance team here at Ocean Subaru of Fullerton is here to help. Especially when you're deciding whether to buy or lease a new Subaru, it's helpful to have some guidance.

Why Should You Lease a New Subaru in Fullerton?

Getting an auto loan to buy a vehicle certainly has its own distinct appeal in, but leasing your new Subaru from Ocean Subaru of Fullerton can provide you with many benefits in Los Angeles that buying doesn't. So why should you lease a new Subaru?

  • You save money! That's because, unlike buying, you don't pay full price for a new Subaru; you only pay for the term of your lease, which is usually 24 to 36 months.
  • Because you're not paying the full price, monthly lease payments tend to be lower than monthly loan payments for Costa Mesa drivers. While leases generally have mileage restrictions, they can be very advantageous for those who generally drive less than 15,000 miles per year anyway, precisely because of the lower monthly payments.
  • Most maintenance is covered under warranty for the duration of your lease.
  • When your lease is up and you return your Subaru back to our dealership, the trade in process is hassle free.
  • Here's the best part: every time you sign a new lease, you can upgrade to the newest Subaru model available! That means you have the opportunity to drive a brand new Subaru in Long Beach every few years.

It's easy to see why leasing a new Subaru from Ocean Subaru of Fullerton is such a great option. So get the process started by visiting our Finance Center today!

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