Check Your Vehicle’s Antifreeze/Coolant – Even in Winter

December 17th, 2018 by

Use Antifreeze/Coolant to avoid winter blues in Fullerton CA

The holiday season is here, which means the weather’s getting colder too. With the temperatures dropping, your vehicle needs a little extra attention to ensure everything is running properly through the colder winter months.

A key factor in keeping your vehicle running smoothly through the cooler winter months is antifreeze, also called coolant, which a liquid that helps maintain the proper temperature for important components.

Antifreeze/coolant helps keep your car in peak performance by:

  • Protecting your vehicle’s cooling system from freezing
  • Keeping a vehicle’s cooling system from rusting
  • Protecting your engine from overheating
  • Keeping your engine from cracking
  • Protecting your engine from corrosion and dirt particles

Just as we would never want the pipes in our homes to burst during the winter, we don’t want the same to happen to our cars! If a cooling system fails, it can be a costly repair and potentially leave you and your family stranded at the worst possible time.

Not sure if your vehicle needs its antifreeze/coolant replaced? Let the expertly-trained technicians at our ultramodern Service Center keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for this winter season. Be sure to check out our Service Specials for an antifreeze/coolant system coupon for even more savings!

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