It's Just What The Doctor Ordered

From balancing your budget to maximizing your vehicle's resale value and fuel economy, the Car Doc is the cure for the common car care program.
New             Used             Certified             Diesel

Five (5) Year Plan
- Covered by the Car Doc
- Recommended Service

Includes Everything in the Three (3) Year Plan PLUS the Additional Coverage Below:

Service Items
Replace Engine Oil

Replace Engine Oil Filter
Replace Drain Crush Washer
Adjust Tire Pressures  
Top Off Fluids
Perform Multi-Point Inspection
Rotate Tires

Replace Engine Air Filter
Replace Cabin Air Filter
Brake Pad Replacement & Turn Rotors
Oil Treatment
Balance Tires


Perform 4 Wheel Alignment
Perform Fuel Induction Service
Deodorize & Disinfect
Wiper Blade Replacement
Battery Service
Replace Transmission Fluid & Flush
Serpentine Drive Belt (Fan Belt)
Power Steering Flush
Perform Brake Fluid Flush
Perform Coolant Flush
Spark Plug Replacement
*If you purchase a used vehicle your mileage will not match the above chart.
**Some services may be required sooner or later depending on driving habits and conditions.
***The diesel plan/schedule looks different than this. See Car Doc Customer Care Representative for details.